7 Tips to Keep Epoxy Flooring Clean and Maintained

Epoxy floors need regular maintenance and cleaning to sustain their durability, resilience and toughness. They are mostly used in high traffic areas, walkways and warehouses where heavy equipment and tools are needed to operate, which makes them a great choice.

Metallic epoxy flooring to be installed in a warehouse in Ohio.

Here are seven tips that will allow you to keep epoxy flooring clean and maintained.

1.    Remove Dirt and Debris Regularly

Moving machinery or vehicles can sometimes cause scratches on the epoxy layer, so to ensure cleanliness, regularly remove dirt and debris to avoid it from getting embedded in the scratches. It is recommended to use a vacuum with a brush attached to it to suck out all the dirt from the scratches.

2.    Avoid Using Soap Formulas to Clean

Cleaning supplies that are formulated with soap can form a haze on epoxy flooring. If the soap-based cleanser sits on the floor for a significant amount of time, it can damage the glossy finish. You can just mop your epoxy flooring with warm water on a daily basis to keep it clean.

3.    Focus on Spot Cleaning

As epoxy flooring is water-resistant, any liquid spillage can be easily cleaned using warm water. A vacuum also comes in handy when you need to focus on a small area.

4.    Scrub Away the Stains

Sometimes, rust can occur on the corners of flooring, but this can be scrubbed out using a soft sponge or brush and water. Using harsh chemicals or steel wool will harm the shiny surface layer and can cause scratches. Vinegar and DIY methods must be strictly avoided to prevent the epoxy from breaking down.

5.    Clean Spilled Chemicals

Some chemicals can stain the floor if they are kept on the surface for a long time. Even though epoxy flooring can withstand many chemicals, some, like engine oil or paint, can be hazardous. If they are cleaned immediately, they won’t leave a residue which can ruin the look of your flooring.

6.    Treat Discoloration at An Early Stage

Discoloration usually occurs due to moisture buildup underneath the flooring, which is supposed to be treated immediately to avoid any damage. It can also occur due to a hazardous chemical that was not cleaned up immediately. In both of these cases, you can get your epoxy flooring treated by sending it and pouring new liquid to fix the discoloration.

Metallic epoxy flooring installation in an office in Illinois.

Metallic epoxy flooring can be beneficial for your commercial flooring due to its high performance, ease of maintenance, and extended life. You can contact CSS Coatings to get your commercial epoxy flooring done and ask for their recommendations to keep it safe and maintained. Their expert technicians can explain all the features that are more suitable for your needs.