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What Not To Do During Craft Beer Flights

Craft beer is a popular drink of choice with endless varieties. It has a 12.3% share of beer production volume in America. Since there are so many choices, it can be hard to taste them all or find your favorite. Luckily, we have craft beer flights. You can find the best recommendations for craft beer flights through your local or national craft beer review website. However, as good as these events are, there are some don’ts you have to know before you attend.

Don’t Order Blindly

You’ll notice that tasting rooms and breweries set menus. They do this for one reason only: because they know about the best food combinations. They know which beer you should start and end with. You could order separately too, but ordering blindly might result in you having an boring experience. You could also miss out on some amazing craft beers by doing this.

Don’t Taste out of Sequence

There are thousands of microbreweries, and they all have their unique specialties. They also know their craft the best (pun intended). If they have a recommended sequence, don’t step out of it if you want the complete experience. The rule of thumb is to go from light to dark. That’s what all breweries and beer flavor review sites recommend too.

Don’t Chug It

This isn’t a fraternity party but a craft beer flight that has certain etiquettes. You also need to remember that craft beer needs to be tasted and savored. As you go down the line of mini brewskis, savor each sip and test your palate. You might just find your new favorite.

Don’t Hold Up the Line

Popular craft beer flight events attract a lot of beer enthusiasts. Go easy on your bartender, and don’t hold up the line ordering anything and everything at once. It’ll save you from dirty looks too.

Looking for More Information?

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