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How to Pose for Couples Portraits That Look Natural

One of the most difficult parts of the wedding is posing for a couple’s photography, but it can turn hassle-free if you hire a good photographer. Traditional poses are no longer in fashion, so photographers have to improvise during the shoot to make it look classy and trendy.

Today, most couples are looking for a natural look, so the photographer must put the couple at ease first. There are many different poses that couples can try out during their wedding photoshoot to avoid wasting time. Here is the list of them.

Kissing Each Other

What’s a better pose than kissing each other and expressing your love for each other to the fullest?

It’s one of the most common poses, but the photographer can improvise by adding color to the background or by using props. It’s one of the most loved photos in the couple’s album, so it must be captured in the best way possible.

Dancing Pose

You won’t have to pose for this moment as you will already be dancing on the floor. This hand-in-hand picture while looking into each other’s eyes shows your affection for one another.

It symbolizes genuine affection and cannot be matched by anything else. However, it truly depends on the photographer and how they capture the photo.

Standing Together

The standing pose is another most common wedding pose that you will find in the couple’s photo album. The good thing about the standing pose is that a lot of things can be done with it. You can even use props to get the best photo of all times.

Walking Together

This is a rather new pose for a couple’s wedding photography. The couple walks like nobody is watching them, either hand-in-hand or with heads on each other’s shoulder. It’s one of the prettiest poses that showcase love and affection for each other.

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