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A Guide to Storing Ammo Responsibly

Ammunition is not a perishable object. If stored properly, it may last for more than ten years. Proper storage is essential because ammunition powder may degrade when exposed to temperature changes. Also, the bullet shells may not tolerate constant wear and tear. If you’re looking to store ammunition for the future, make sure you purchase the best ammunition in the market.

Ammunition Storage – Things to Consider

There are a few things to determine when looking to store ammunition. Some are listed below:

Need for Storage

While buying ammunition when you need it seems like a smarter option, buying it in bulk can save considerable money. This is the reason why people feel the need for ammunition storage. Also, people who plan to train their family but fear the price hike may affect their purchasing power choose to store ammunition in safe spaces.

Keep It Away from Moisture

Keep your ammunition cold, dry, and away from direct sunlight to ensure its safety for an extended period. You must also ensure that your stored ammunition isn’t exposed to humidity or moisture. Humidity can render your ammunition ineffective by reacting with the powder mixture.

Gun and ammo vaults are an easy solution to counter moisture accumulation. Also, avoid using your basement as the storage room for your ammunition because these rooms are highly humid.

Avoid High Temperatures

A common myth among gun owners is that high temperatures or sunlight exposure may cause the ammunition to go off. While this isn’t true, sunlight can be harmful to your ammunition.

High temperature significantly drops bullets’ performance, rendering the shells ineffective when fired. This is why it’s highly recommended to choose a cool and dry storage space, away from heat and light exposure.

Keep it Organized

The best way to store ammunition is by keeping it organized. One of the easiest ways to do so is by keeping all bullets in their original boxes. These boxes are designed to perfection as per the bullet size. Also, their distinct sizes make them easier to stack on one another to keep things tidy.


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