a mobility scooter for seniors in Phoenix

Why Use a Mobility Scooter?

People with disabilities usually prefer having a mobility scooter because it offers renewed independence. It enables the person to carry out daily activities without any restrictions caused by disability.

If you’re in search of a solution that can avoid all the fatigue and pain involved with walking or performing routine errands, a mobility scooter is ideal. Besides offering comfort and freedom, it also provides many social and mental health benefits.

The following are some of the reasons why you must use a mobility scooter:

Ease of Use

Mobility scooters are designed in a way that they’re much easier to operate and comfortable to ride. It can also be driven by people with low upper body strength which most seniors struggle with.

It has a very basic control system which makes it easier to operate. Although you need to be careful while handling it, most people learn quickly.

Convenient for Public Transport

One of the most important aspects of a mobility scooter is that it can be taken inside public transport or other accessible vehicles like taxis.

This allows you to even travel freely along with your mobility scooter. It reduces the fatigue involved with a basic wheelchair and the hassle to even walk short distances.

Besides that, you’d be surprised to know that a mobility scooter allows you to have a great vacation. Since airlines now allow scooters as oversized luggage, so you can take them along with you throughout.


A couple riding mobility scooters


Makes Daily Activities Easier to Perform

Whether you’re a wheelchair user or experiencing mobility problems due to age or illness, a mobility scooter can make your life easier.

You can go shopping, attend appointments, catch up with friends, etc., by yourself with the help of a mobility scooter.

However, keep in mind that although you’re running daily errands, it isn’t enough to replace physical activity. Therefore, consulting a physiotherapist is very important to stay active.

No License Required

Mobility scooters do not require a license or any registration as they’re only allowed to travel 10km/h and that too in pedestrian areas. Therefore, there’s no need for any formal documentation.

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