Five exotic cocktails on ice in hands joined in celebratory toast
Five exotic cocktails on ice in hands joined in celebratory toast

Top 4 Basic Cocktails for Beginners

While the modern-day cocktail scene is loaded with options, it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. Most of us may not know this, but the best cocktails were created over a century ago. These classics have greatly evolved, enduring Prohibition and witnessing surprising changes.

These cocktails have a timeless flavor and are perfect for beginners. This is because as a beginner, you don’t want to order a cocktail that’s too strong or hard as you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. This blog will take you through the top varieties of basic cocktails that fittingly describe what cocktails truly mean.


No one can go wrong with a margarita! One of the most popular cocktails in the U.S, the drink is a perfect blend that will help you let loose without a strong taste. You can order it on the rocks or frozen, and say goodbye to your summer blues.

With basic ingredients like tequila, lime juice, and orange liquor, there are a lot of ways you can add a fun twist to this timeless classic. Nowadays, you can order a margarita in every flavor and color imaginable.

So, if you’re just putting your feet into the drinking pool, it’s an easy and perfect order.


When it comes to fancy drinks, a martini is one of the few drinks that top the list. The one original martini – dry martini – comprises basic ingredients like gin and dry vermouth. It’s often served with a dash of bitters, along with a lemon or olive garnish.

Simple and classic, the cocktail is nothing less than pure delight and a must-have for beginners.


Whiskey is undoubtedly the star of this classic cocktail. Each type of whiskey you pour will give you a different Manhattan.

The traditional choice is rye whiskey, but there are various whiskeys like Canadian whiskey and bourbon added to Manhattan nowadays.

Several flavored mojitos on a bar.
Several flavored mojitos on a bar.

Old Fashioned

Another basic cocktail, old-fashioned is a great way to explore and taste different whiskeys. However, this cocktail is more about the process than the ingredients.

The best thing about this classic is that it’s open to interpretation. You can add varieties of fruits and spirits, and give the recipe a unique twist.

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