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All the Qualities of a Good Biographical Fiction Book


Biographical fiction is a genre of novel which features actual events or real characters and places, usually adapted into an otherwise fictional narrative. The genre has been around for a while, and the best biographical fiction novels have stood the test of time.

How do you know if your book is up to snuff? Here are some qualities that make good biographical fiction:

1.     Combination of Fiction and Nonfiction:

The genre of biographical fiction is based on real facts, but the author has woven in their own take on the story of their subject. It’s written as a fictionalized account of someone’s life and is an excellent way to learn more about historical events that might not be as well-known. It focuses on a specific historical figure or event and has the freedom to incorporate additional details not found in a traditional biography.

Biographical fiction is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the past. Authors will often do extensive research into the person they’re writing about, bringing to light little-known facts to create a compelling work of fiction.

2.     Facts Are the Key:

The challenge for authors of this genre is to take true, factual events from a person’s life and retell them in a way that’s engaging, entertaining, and fun to read.

Facts are the key to making biographical fiction books believable. Without them, the author will lose the readers’ trust, and they won’t be able to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy the story. The author has to be committed to accuracy and authenticity, or their work will fail.

3.     Biographical Fiction Is Easier to Digest

Biographical fiction is easier to digest because it is not as dry. It’s filled with real stories from the authors’ lives and can be told from multiple perspectives, making them fun to read. It is a great way to entertain readers through the stories of famous historical figures. Since every biography has already been told, biographical fiction has a lot more flexibility to help authors stand out.

The characters in biographical historical fiction are free to make their own choices and take on different personas than what’s traditionally expected of them. They can be both heroic and villainous. They can experience romance, or they can be entirely sexless. It’s fun to see things from a new perspective and break out of the traditional mold.

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