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The Hottest New Fish Game That’s Trending in 2022

We are nearing the end of 2021 and sailing right into 2022. We’ve seen some amazing game releases in 2021, and this year, the global gaming industry reached a revenue of $154.6 billion. But, we have not seen the best of the game releases as many more highly-anticipated games are going to be released in 2022. Hence, the gaming industry is predicted to make $196 billion in 2022.

Here is a lineup of the upcoming trending games, including the hottest new fish games.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

This game will be available on Nintendo Switch when it releases on 28 January 2022. The gaming community is wildly excited for this new, first open-world Pokemon game to arrive. It has already caused a commotion amongst the fans, and it’s the Pokemon game of everyone’s dreams. The fans cannot wait to embark on a new adventure of catching Pokemons, exploring, and throwing Pokeballs.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel has been a leading superhero movies franchise with its MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and now they have developed a supernatural game all about strategy and tactics. This game will feature the most iconic 12 Marvel heroes. These characters will take on different villains, including Lillith, who is the mother of all demons. Fans will play the game as “The Hunter,” a customizable character who is the Marvel hero in this game.

Two people playing a game.

The Kraken Fish Games

Last but not least are the upcoming Kraken games. As we all know, the Kraken fish games are the best fish games available for gamers to enjoy and get the same feel they would get playing these fish and slot games at a casino.

These games have been specifically designed for fish games enthusiasts, and people of all ages can enjoy these games. With these games, players can win rewards as they keep leveling up and earning more and more points.

Players can even earn some great prizes if they check out The Kraken games today. These games will reward players and can become their new gaming fix, keeping them entertained every step of the way. You can download The Kraken on Android or iPhone and also set up your own The Kraken account to participate in The Kraken sweepstakes. Have fun playing the new The Kraken games, and don’t forget to let others know!

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