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Choosing the Right Liquor for Your Corporate Party

So, you’ve been given the responsibility of hosting a corporate party for your organization, and selecting the right drink is proving to be a hassle. You’ll want to get the drinks right, because they can make or break the party. With various liquor choices available on the market, it can be difficult to choose one that complements the occasion.


Don’t worry if you’re confused; here’s a guide that’ll help you order the right drinks for your corporate party, which and that to from an online liquor store!

Type Of Bar

The size of your event will determine the type of bar at a party. If you’re hosting a large corporate party, which VIPs will attend, then it is wise to go for a large bar with experienced bar professionals. You might also need a waiter service for all tables. On the other hand, if it’s a small gathering for selected employees, you can consider limited options such as beer and wine.

Seasonal Influence

Another crucial factor to consider before choosing the liquor in your party is the prevalent season. If it is summer, and you’re hosting an outdoor corporate, even then, go for lighter drinks and clear liquor. White wine works well in the summer instead of red wine.


If it’s winter, then choose red instead of white wine. Rum is a popular beverage option for winters. Vodka, like the Svedka variety, can work well in the winter. Furthermore, spirits such as whiskey and bourbon can also prove to be the highlight of your party on cold, wintery days.

Stick To The Budget

While a large budget will help you throw an unforgettable corporate event, chances are a budget will limit your spending. All is not lost; you can still throw a great event by sticking to your budget. Your affordability will play a crucial role in the choice of beverage. The last thing you want is to spend all your budget on high-end drinks that are not sufficient for the party.

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Know Your Guests

Your attendees will also play a vital role in your beverage selection. If the party mainly consists of young people, they’ll prefer fancy cocktails and local wines. On the other hand, older people will stick to classics such as whiskey, gin, and bourbon. A liquor specialist can help you with the choice of beverage for your corporate event.


These tips will ensure that you select the right drinks for your party and everyone has a wonderful time. However, if you want people to limit their alcohol consumption at a corporate event, issue drink tickets to all employees.


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