A fine art photograph turning a picture into an oil painting

3 Tips to Help You Get Started With Fine Art Photography

Art, particularly fine art, is highly subjective and has been subject to heated debate. The fact is that everyone has different tastes: someone may love a piece, while another person might detest it. That’s okay because that’s what makes art so fun — the fact that people can view the same piece from thousands of different viewpoints and perspectives.

Fine art photography turning pictures into art

But, with this level of subjectivity, it can seem confusing to learn about fine art photography to turn pictures into art. Therefore, this article’s aim is to demystify fine art photography for you.

Let’s list down tips for beginners to get started with fine art photography.

1. Your Work Should Be Cohesive

Your work will include a collection of pieces and while they’ll undoubtedly be different, there should still be certain signature components that tie them all up together. More than one image in a series will help convey a photographer’s feelings and vision within that series.

A solid body of work will include 10–15 pictures minimum, and the pictures will be related to one another in some way. The way they’re interlinked should be straightforward for a viewer to identify.

2. Check out Prominent Fine Art Photographers

A fine art photograph turning a picture into an oil painting

The best way to learn is to view the end results from the masters themselves. Some famous fine art photographers to follow include Annie Leibovitz, Philip-Lorca Dicorcia, and Josef Sudek.

You will benefit from browsing through the work of various fine art photographers that turn pictures into art and identifying which style you like the best. You can even blend styles to create your own unique design.

3. Shutter Speed Can Help You Alter Reality

In fine art photography, you can convey your artistic vision clearly using camera techniques like a different shutter speed. This trick could help you freeze motion and make it look calm and serene.

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