Spotting Fake Diamonds Like A Pro

Buying a diamond is an emotional ride and not a cheap one either. Diamond’s fake counterparts look so much like diamonds that they are often mistaken as authentic by the untrained eye. Then again, there are also lab-grown diamonds that look exactly like real diamonds.

If all fake ones look so real, how can you spot a genuine diamond?

If the diamond is certified with GIA, AGS, or IGI, you can be rest assured it is real. You can also seek the advice of an expert jeweler  on how to buy a real diamond.

But what if you want to spot one yourself?

Here are a few ways to test a diamond’s authenticity:

1.    Magnification Test

Grab yourself a magnifying glass, a real diamond and the diamond you’re unsure about. Look at the genuine diamond and compare it with the other stone. A genuine  diamond will always have some inclusions, while if the stone is fake, it won’t have any flaws.

2.    The Fog Test

For this test, you’d have to head over to a cool location and blow warm/hot air on the stone. Diamonds are bad at retaining heat, so there will be no fog visible on a real diamond. However, if you see moisture on the stone, it’s a fake diamond.

Two Diamond Rings

3.    The UV Test

Hold your stone under the UV light and observe any color changes that occur. If you see a bluish fluorescence, it’s a real diamond.

4.    The Newspaper Test

Diamonds refract light. Keeping this in mind, place your stone on a newspaper and try to read the words through it. Because of the diamond’s ability to refract, it is near impossible to read through it. If you can, it’s not a real diamond.

5.    The Lighter Test

A real diamond isn’t easily swayed by heat. Pick up your stone with a tweezer and heat it over a flame for around a minute. After that, drop it into icy cold water. If it’s a real diamond, nothing will happen. If it’s a fake stone, it may break or shatter.

6.    The Conductivity Test

For this test, go to a jeweler. Diamonds are bad conductors of electricity. A jeweler will have an electricity testing tool to test this out. Run electricity through your stone and see if it conducts electricity or not. If it does, it isn’t a diamond.

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