All the Way From Heaven: Everything About Meteorite Jewelry

Meteorites are space debris that enters the Earth’s atmosphere. To make it more celestial: meteorites are remnants of comets or asteroids that originate in outer space and survive through our atmosphere.

They are divided into three categories: stony meteorite: made of rocks; iron meteorite: made of iron, nickel, and cobalt; and stony-iron meteorite: a combination of both.

What is meteorite jewelry made up of?

Some famous iron meteorites used for jewelry-making are:

Meteor Shower

Gibeon Meteorite:

This is one of the most common meteorites on Earth. Gibeon meteorite was first discovered in 1838 in Giberon, Nambia. It’s mainly composed of iron, nickel, cobalt, and phosphorus. Because of its beautiful patterns and etches, it’s a popular choice among jewelry makers.

Seymchan Meteorite:

Seymchan is a stony-iron meteorite, first discovered in 1967 in Seymchan, Russia. It is rust-resistant and has a high quantity of Iridium, making it well-loved by jewelers.

Muonionalusta Meteorite

Found by the Muonio River in 1906, this meteorite is the oldest one we’ve discovered so far. It dates back to 4.5 billion years and is mainly iron, nickel, germanium, and gallium.

How to know if meteorite jewelry is authentic?

When shopping for meteorite jewelry, there are some things to keep in mind, lest you be ripped off by jewelers pawning off fake meteorites.

1.   Magnetic

A genuine meteorite is made up of iron and nickel; this makes meteorites magnetic. If the jewelry you’ve bought shows no magnetism, it’s fake.

2.   Rust

Iron rusts and genuine meteorites will also rust in time. Sure, many types of meteorites are rust-resistant, but most of them get rusty at some point. Any meteorite jewelry that doesn’t rust is very likely to be fake.

3.   Expensive

Meteorites are rare, and so they are worth a lot as well. They’re also challenging to work with and need great tools and a lot of expertise to craft into jewelry. This is why you’d find meteorite jewelry to be often expensive.

4.   Can’t be Fabricated

Meteorites have patterns that are impossible to fake. If you ever see a real meteorite jewelry piece and compare it to a fake one, you’d be able to spot a difference instantly.

Why Meteorite Jewelry?

A meteorite is a literal part of the space, and it’s also very beautiful. These jewelry pieces symbolize balance, patience, and strength; and are a reminder of all the marvels outside of our Earth that we are oblivious to.

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