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All You Need to Know About Arranging a Masquerade

Organizing a masquerade? Great, we’ve got you covered.

A masquerade is synonymous with aristocracy, nobility, Venice, lords, kings, and ladies, dancing the night away in an opulent setting, without a care in the world.

Here’s our event entertainment expert in Napa outlining everything you should know about treating your guests to an evening like that.

Choose the right feast

If you plan to offer potato chips, pretzels, and pizza, you’ll lose the magic of the night. Let your guest feast on delicious little finger foods such as fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamic reduction, skewers of cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, caviar with toast points, spiced walnuts, water crackers served with gourmet cheeses cut into diamond shapes, avocado wrapped in prosciutto, baked artichoke squares with sun-dried tomato pesto, crab puffs, and stuffed mushrooms. For dessert, whip up a white or dark chocolate mousse or serve strawberry and cubes of cake with a chocolate fountain.

Dress to impress

Make costumes mandatory to get everyone into the spirit. Notify your guests in advance that you’ll be offering a prize for the best costume of the night.

Don’t go easy on the decorations

Setting the mood without the right decorations is impossible. Use elegant candelabras in browns and golds, and shop for candles in all shapes and sizes. Or, if you’re not a fan of candles, dangle twinkling lights in swoops from the ceiling and around the house. Next, decide your color scheme: black, white, and silver; purple and green, black and white; royal or peacock blue with canary yellow or black, gold, and red. Cover up modern household items with drapes of velvet or silk. Fill glass vases with beads and feathers. Perhaps, hang masks on walls too. Sprinkle sequins and glitter on countertops and tables.

By invitation only

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Yes, we’re living in an era of technology where inbox invitations via Facebook are common. However, a masquerade is incomplete without elegant invitations to your guests. Take the time and effort to mail these invitations at least a month before the actual event.

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