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Why Audiobooks Are More Popular Today

Have you noticed how everyone has been hopping on to the audiobook trend lately? Audiobook sales have outpaced e-books as they continue to gain increasing popularity among readers and publishers.

The lockdown has also intensified the rise in audiobook downloads in recent years. Hardcovers and paperbacks continue to be a favorite among bibliophiles. But audiobooks have pulled more people toward consuming books. Here are some reasons that could explain why:


It is no surprise that audiobooks have such a large following. They are a format that keeps up with the fast pace of modern society. Studies have reported that the most popular location where people listened to audio recordings was the car.

Many people just don’t have the time or patience to fit reading into their hectic schedules. Print and e-books require finding a space to sit and read. Audiobooks allow readers to listen while they check things off their to-do list. You can listen to your favorite book while commuting to work or in the shower.

Easy Access

Readers can buy, download, and start listening to an audiobook within minutes. It is quicker than going to a bookstore or waiting for a book to be delivered. Audiobooks can be accessed on almost every device, anytime, anywhere.

Now that audiobook readers can access their content digitally, they can give more time to listening. This has also encouraged people who struggled with finding time or space to read and consume more books.

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A New Dimension

Audiobooks can provide a richer experience than other formats. For many, audiobooks are popular because they give a voice to the story. This is a dimension that print formats can’t provide. The narrator provides the text with a personality. Readers feel more emotionally connected to the characters and involved in every scene.

Research by UCL found that narrations improve cognitive and emotional processing. When participants listened to an audio recording, their heart rate was higher. Audiobooks can provide readers with a deeper understanding of the content. Many listeners admit that the voice helps them create images better than if they relied on visual imagery.

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