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4 Reasons Post-Production Services Matter

In the growing world of video production, it is not uncommon to hear that post-production is where the magic happens. This phase of the filmmaking process is as crucial as hitting the record button on the camera. Once the filming is complete, editing begins in post-production.

Video editing is only the beginning. Post-production services involve adding music, sound effects, color, and more to the audio and video material. Here are a few of the many dimensions of post-production that your film can benefit from:

Video Editing

The editing process has evolved beyond cutting and rearranging footage. After reading the screenplay, professional editors begin the video editing process by cutting the film with your permission. They often work with lots of footage that takes days and weeks to edit. Post-production editing requires advanced software and extremely powerful computers with plenty of storage.

Color Grading

Color grading involves improving the film’s appearance to look good when viewed in various environments and devices. The importance of good color grading is often overlooked. The goal is typically to match every photo so that the color balance is consistent across the board.

The tricky part comes in when the final touches are being made. Experienced colorists will give the whole piece a unique look. This process really brings out the colorist’s artistic side as they flawlessly blend different images and color effects.

a person recording a voiceover in a recording studio

Music Production

Music composition is the act of conceptualizing a piece of music. This process involves a lot of effort. Compiling audio files for a movie, eliminating unnecessary noise, trimming conversation tracks, and adding sound effects are just a few of the tasks involved.

Audio Recording

Audio recording includes recording voiceovers. Recording them in a professional recording studio could save you around $500 on audio equipment. Recording studios provide sound isolation and microphones for noiseless, high-quality recordings.

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