A stunningly detailed portrait painting titled ‘Frozen in Time’, showing a man staring into the distance

4 Patterns and Motifs That Will Always Look Great

It can be a hassle to select the best artwork when you have so many options. However, one thing that you should always look for is whether or not an artwork will be in demand a few years after being purchased. Some paintings contain patterns and motifs that aren’t bound by time and space. In other words, these pieces of art are likely to be in demand decades or centuries after you purchase them.

This blog post will highlight some of the patterns and motifs that you should look for when buying a painting.

Plant and Floral Motifs

Plants and flowers have always been a popular choice for art lovers. Humans are born with a natural desire to admire nature, and they’ve always used art as a way to engage with nature. Even today, many contemporary artists use traditional motifs in their paintings. They try to recreate traditional forms of art by reimagining or sometimes distorting images of flowers and plants.

Depictions of Tradition and Culture

You’ll find many pieces of art depicting traditional patterns and designs. Artists also use these patterns to depict different traditions or cultures. Often, such paintings are used to pay homage to certain cultures or are created in memory of famous artists.

Artists also try to recreate popular arts of the past and transform them into something different with a cultural touch. All these types of traditional and cultural artworks are timeless and are likely high in demand.

‘Judge by your attire’ is a symbolic painting showing various clothing items and accessories on a rack.

Abstract Paintings and Geometric Patterns

Have you come across any art-deco styles recently? They are a form of abstract paintings with repetitive abstract and geometric patterns. Sometimes, you may not find meaning in these paintings, yet they are very popular.

Anatomical Motifs, Portraits and Patterns

You will still find portraits and anatomical motifs of famous kings, tribal leaders, and many other famous personalities from the past.

In some cultures, these pieces of art have religious significance, and people believe that such artworks can bring them good luck.

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