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Vaper’s Tongue: What You Can Do about It?

Have you ever experienced a loss of taste and flavor while vaping? If you said ‘yes,’ then you may be aware of the vaper’s tongue phenomenon, also known as vaper’s fatigue!

When you vape and can’t taste the flavor of the e-juice for no apparent reason, you’ve got the vaper’s tongue. Don’t panic; it’s common among vapers and a temporary situation.

Several factors can lead to vaper’s tongue, including vitamin deficiency, dehydration, or other illnesses. In this article, we’ve compiled some ways to fix a vaper’s tongue!

1. Drink Plenty of Water

More than 70% of Americans follow a specific medication that leads to dehydration and dry mouth. A dry mouth deters the saliva production in the mouth that increases the inability to taste things.

Therefore, drink plenty of water as it’s good for your physical health and enhances the tongue’s ability to taste.

Authentic purple and black vaporizer 2. Reduce Alcohol and Caffeinated Beverage Consumption

Alcohol and other caffeinated beverages are diuretics and make you urinate more, leading to dehydration. So, if you’re a frequent vaper, reduce consumption of alcoholic or other caffeine-based drinks to lower the susceptibility of the vaper’s tongue.

Moreover, if you’ve got a vaper’s tongue, you need to cut back on alcohol consumption for at least 4–5 days.

3. Brush Your Tongue

Another way to optimize your taste buds and improve your taste ability is to brush your tongue regularly. This helps to remove the elements that accumulate on your tongue with time. You can also use other oral hygiene products like mouth wash, mouth sprays, or overnight gels.

For best tongue cleaning, you can use tongue scrapers that can reach any corner of your tongue.

4. Experiment with Different Flavors

If you keep puffing the same vape flavor for a longer time, it will become less detectable over time. Therefore, if you wish to reduce the likelihood of flavor loss, experiment with different vape flavors from time to time.

If you don’t want to switch flavors, you should give your taste buds a little rest by taking longer vape breaks.

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