Tips for Jumping With Your Horse

Horse jumping over the fence

A good jumping position will help you go a long way. Not only will it allow you to compete in more high-profile events, but you’ll also be jumping more technical fences. However, perfect jumping doesn’t just happen overnight—for you or your horse. You have to put in the required training and effort.

Not to worry, though. These tips can help you jump with ease and precision. In fact, to the spectators, the whole thing will look effortless. Let’s begin.

Take Your Time

Jumping well requires confidence. However, this confidence can be shaken in a matter of seconds if things are going too fast or you’re asking too much from your horse. The best thing to do is to build your skills as you move along. Let the technique improve naturally and focus on building trust with your horse. This is more important with younger horses who have never jumped before. They’re more likely to feel nervous and won’t perform well when feeling sad and insecure.

If you’re planning to jump competitively, begin by using water trays, boards, and fillers. This should help your horse ease into jumping.

Using Bounces and Grids

Horse jumping

Bounces and grids aren’t just good for the horses, but they’re good for you as well. Doing regular bounce exercises and gymnastics will help a horse improve their form over the fence. Moreover, the repetitive nature of the exercise will allow you to focus on yourself more.

Jumps often come quickly, and when they do, riders have softened their bodies, particularly the ankles, knees, and upper thighs. This results in a jumping position that’s not secure. Short grids help to solve this problem by encouraging a more natural jumping position.

Let the Horse Lead

It’s important for your horse to land properly, and the best way to encourage this is by riding over a small fence. When you jump the fence, loosen the reign and let the horse take the lead. However, don’t slack off. Make sure you are correctly seated and have the proper posture. Your weight should also be distributed equally to make the process smoother.


Jumping is not as daunting as it might seem. Once you get the hang of riding, it become easy. The Trinity Equestrian Center is one of the best riding center’s out there. From providing riding lessons to horse boarding, they offer several services to the residents in Germantown, NY. Contact them if you have any questions!

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