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4 Trends in the Art Scene

The art industry has transformed dramatically over the last few years. It has gone from just paintbrushes and canvases to digital art, 3D animations, and VR technology. Understanding and staying updated on the latest trends in the art industry enables art collectors, investors, buyers, and sellers to be capable of incorporating the new changes.

The experts from the Distinction Gallery in CA FL have put together a detailed overview of all that’s new in today’s art industry.

Let’s find out!

  1. Performance Art Will Go Virtual

As everything, from school classes to board meetings, went virtual during the pandemic, so did art exhibitions, performances, and stage sets. People are now able to enjoy performance arts from the comfort of their homes.

While it might sound odd, but the virtual performance art sector has gained rapid popularity in the last few months. From leading artists to performers and enthusiasts, everyone has seemed to enjoy and endorse this somewhat different take on showcasing performance art.

As time unfolds, the art industry expects opera and theatrical companies to introduce more virtual performance art platforms and shows in the coming years. So this trend is definitely attention-worthy if you’re a fan of stage shows and exotic art performances.

Take our word, the stage size will be shrinking, but your screens will get bigger.

  1. The Amalgamation of Art and Science

We’re seeing science experts and artists engage in different studies and research projects to make art more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Research-intensive artwork is a whole new facet of the art industry now. Woke artists have become interested in making art more valuable but less harsh on the ecosystem. From the painting products and techniques, they’re trying to bring a change that would not just educate people about global warming but also inspire them to curb it in ambitious ways.

  1. Collection and Collaboration: The Upcoming Trend

Art has always been an eye-catcher for investors; however, in recent years, with the market plummeting to new lows, people have started to invest in art to earn ROI. What’s more, they’re actually aware of the collaborative impact they are making on the communities by buying art pieces made by emerging artists from around the world.

This trend has been pushed forward by the immense efforts of art galleries such as Distinction GalleryArt. These exhibitors and sellers make collective endeavors to promote the significance and societal impact of fixating the art industry as a multi-faceted investment.

  1. A Nonstop Surge in Street Art Popularity

Street art has always been popular, especially in the form of graffiti. However, this aspect has taken a twist due to the direct impact posed by the weak financial markets.

The street art culture has turned into a platform to generate awareness about the socio-cultural issues and events unfolding across the globe.


A beautifully done street art piece

A great example is the recent “Game Changer” piece by Banksy, showing a child playing with a nurse toy dressed as a superwoman. This street art focuses on paying tribute to all the front-line healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

Art has the power to change people’s perceptions and make them more grateful for the blessings they hardly pay attention to.

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