Qualities a Good Security Guard Offers

Just hiring a security service won’t cut it. You need to ensure that you’re working with a competent service where individuals are motivated on the job, and are ready to put their mind and body to the task. Here’s a list of qualities that every good security guard should have:

Security guard using radio against screen

Physical Fitness

It’s a no-brainer that a good security guard is a fit security guard. The patrol service job is physically taxing; it requires them to cover large areas of ground swiftly, and run after any miscreants. They also need to be able to restrain them.

Guards need to be on a carefully monitored diet while exercising regularly to stay in the best shape. For managing night shifts, they need to maintain a proper sleep cycle off the job as well.

Communication Skills and Empathy

While a security guard does have the right to exercise some level of discipline, the reality is that most situations can be dealt with empathy and communication. A good security guard rarely relies on brute strength in an unpleasant situation. They will attempt to defuse the situation rather than cause any further grievances between the relevant parties.


Apart from that, security guards will often be relied on for directions by customers and visitors. They should be able to deal with these queries in a compassionate manner despite the tense nature of their job.


In all kinds of businesses, it can get pretty loud and crowded, especially during rush hour. Unfortunately, these are the moments when most mishaps take place. A quality patrol service should be able to put their undivided attention into the job, making sure nothing goes wrong. From keeping an eye out for anything fishy to responding to other members swiftly, all of these jobs have to be taken care of simultaneously.


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