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How to Engage Guests at Your Corporate Event

It can be challenging to put together creative corporate event entertainment ideas that guests will enjoy and complement your primary event objective. The good news is that there are plenty of budget-friendly options that you can use to create memorable experiences for your attendees.

Entertainment activities are a great way to give your attendees a break from the scheduled programming and let them enjoy any corporate event. That’s why we’ve put together a list of three creative activities that you can incorporate as is or use a jumping point for more ideas on how to create a unique corporate event.

1. Plan a mindfulness meditation

With smaller groups, it’s a great idea to incorporate some meditation into your schedule. This idea works great, especially when you’re on a company retreat outdoors and want the team to de-stress.

Hire a professional yoga teacher or meditation instructor to guide you through the process. Get cushions or blankets for the floor so that the team can really relax and soak in the atmosphere for a great time.

2. Add local live music

If you want to introduce your attendees to the regional culture, it’s an excellent idea to include local elements such as live music. Getting a local band might even help you improve your local SEO ranking, which is essential if you’re looking to target the 46% of Google users that give priority to local services and events.

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3. Rapid-fire rounds

Get the employees fired up with some healthy competition. Separate the group into teams and offer prizes (or bragging rights) to the winning team. Your activity can include anything from questions about the logo to which team can decorate a cake best with company colors.

4. Specialty performances

Hire professional event entertainment that can feature at your event and show your attendees a good time. If it’s a day affair that’s open to the public, you can get dance performances, circus performances, specialty characters, and strolling musicians.

To keep the younger attendees entertained, opt for interactive arts such as face painting, glitter tattoos, giant bubbles, and magic shows to keep you interested.

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