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A Guide to Disney World’s History

You probably know of Walt Disney and his massive empire of magical theme parks, fantasy-filled movies, and even the strange rumors about him being in a cryogenic sleep or being a Satan worshiper (those are just rumors, right?).

There is so much to Disney World’s story and how it was an actual dream come true for Walt Disney. Here’s a guide to some of Disney World’s history.

Early successes of Walt Disney

Walt Disney was a young man when he and his brother Roy left for California to start their own animation company and release Steamboat Willie. This movie introduced the world to Mickey Mouse, the long-standing face of Disney.

They quickly garnered more success and recognition by releasing other animated movies such as Cinderella, Fantasia, Snow White and the seven dwarfs. You’ve probably watched them or the thousands of remakes and live actions released every year.

The growing success and the idea of expanding the empire led Disney to start his own theme park for kids and adults.

Disneyland first opened in California long before Disney World came to Orlando.

Disney World came into being

With the massive success and business coming in from just one theme park in California, Walt decided to move for his next venture. In 1971, Disney World, Orlando was open for business.

The many acres of land allowed people to enjoy many rides and activities based on their favorite characters and Disney movies.

It was envisioned and designed to be more than a theme park with shopping centers and restaurants making it a fun-filled vacation for your child and adult self. With the founders’ demise (as far as we know), Disney World is now managed and run by Disney Parks.

They have made new additions to the park with many unique attractions and rides to keep Walt Disney’s legacy and dream alive.

Disney World you know and love today

The ever-growing empire has now added festivals and world-famous events to attract even more adventure-seeking tourists. It’s a magical little bubble that houses water parks such as Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. When it comes to fun and adventure, Disney World knows how to show you and your family a great time.

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