3 Ways to Discourage Screen Time During Your Vacation

Vacations mean freedom, but some of us—especially kids—see freedom as more time to surf the internet, send each other Snaps, and scroll through the picture-perfect lives of influencers on the internet.

For children, all this time off from school means that they can watch more movies and shows on Netflix—which can get very addictive.

Even though you can let some of this slide at home, it can be very troubling when you’re on vacation, and your kids can’t seem to leave their phones alone.

If you want everyone to have a good time, here are three tips that will discourage screen time and break phone addiction while on vacation.

Fill Your Days With Interesting Activities

One great way to make sure your kids don’t touch their phones while you’re traveling is to plan adventurous, day-long trips to give your children a healthy dose of physical activity and outdoor fun.

You’ll be surprised by how gripping activities like swimming at a water park, trying out water slides, and visiting amusement parks can be—both for you and your kids.

This will also make sure that you and the kids are too tired to spend time tapping away at your phone when you get back, reducing screen time by a great deal.

Help Your Kids Balance Their Days

Balance is important in all regards. Whether it’s studying, work, or vacation. If your kids seem to be addicted to their phones to an unhealthy extent, try and balance out their days to help them focus everything else that the vacation has to offer.

For example, you could plan fun activities like a trip to Disney World, or Universal Studios, or an evening by the poolside and letting them use their phones on ‘rest days.’This will keep things balanced throughout your vacation.

Involve Your Kids In Fun Activities In The Kitchen

Let’s face it, even if you’re traveling, there are going to be days, where you will be too tired to go outside. On these days, it will be up to you to keep your kids busy and away from their phones.

A good idea is to get them involved in the kitchen with fun activities such as baking cakes, making tarts, or even candles.

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