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5 Movies to Watch with Your Boo After a Long Day of Family Time

Even in a city as beautiful as Orlando, sometimes, all you want to do is stay in—especially if you’re living in a luxury vacation home rental. It’s the perfect time to order takeout and watch a movie with your partner.

Some Orlando vacation rentals even feature home theaters; it’s like watching a movie at the cinema, but with a lot more privacy.

Sometimes, though, no matter how much you scroll, you just can’t find a single movie that you and your partner feel like watching together.

The good news is, you can stop scrolling now, because we’ve got the perfect picks or you:

The Big Sick (2017)

The best part about this movie is that it’s based on a true story—that of lead actor Kumail Nanjiani and screenplay writer Emily V. Gordon, who are married to each other in real life.

The movie is seasoned with Nanjiani’s clever stand-up comedy, and is immensely relatable—especially in the way the couple tackles relationship problems and the expectations that parents and society have from them.

Deadpool (2016)

If you and your partner are fans of superhero movies and slick dialogue, this is the movie for you. This is the perfect date night movie, combining comedy, action, and romance into one slickly produced package.

First Love (2019)

This Japanese crime thriller combines drama, romance, and violence. It follows the story of a young boxer and a call girl as they get ensconced in a world of drug dealing and yakuza gangs.

It might sound gritty, but it’s suitably hopeful and portrays the protagonists’ emotions with immense sensitivity.

Romantic Comedy (2019)

Directed by Elizabeth Sankey, this documentary goes into detail about classic romantic comedies. Through movie clips and voice-overs by actors, filmmakers, and movie critics, the documentary is an exploration of how we perceive love, romance, and relationships.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)

This live-action adaptation of Disney’s classic 1955 animated film features a love story between some of the cutest dogs you’ll see. It’s a musical drama that features a rescue dog in the role of Tramp.

If you were a fan of the original animated feature, you’ll love watching it come to life in this live-action adaptation that features a mix of old songs and new.

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