Packing Hacked: Tips to Make Packing Easier

Taking a vacation is one of life’s highlights, whether you’re going to The Palm in Dubai or staying in a luxury vacation home rental in Orlando. But before every trip comes the pain of packing.

The good news is that there’s no need to fret! We’ve compiled a few packing tips that’ll help you get the job done super quick, so you can get into the vacation groove.

Make a checklist

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. From maximizing productivity during office hours to keeping stock of your pantry, there’s undeniable evidence that lists work.

Pro-tip: make a list at least a month before the trip, and keep adding items to it as you remember them. By the time you do get around to packing, you’ll have a comprehensive idea of what you need to take.

Get hardy luggage

If you’ve ever seen how airport staff handle luggage, you probably know that you need to get a trusty travel companion in the form of hard case luggage.

When you go shopping for one, make sure the wheels glide smoothly, and that the hard case is of good quality. This will put your mind at ease during your travels.

Plan your outfits

Make an itemized list of what you’re planning on wearing each day. This will enable you to pack just as many items as you need. You don’t want to carry around a bunch of clothes that you won’t end up wearing.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always mix and match. Having a rough idea of the outfits you’ll be wearing can help you organize your packing.

Roll instead of fold

While many still fold their clothes while packing, rolling them saves more space. If you can’t fit that extra pair of shoes in your suitcase, take your clothes out and roll them up. You’ll see that all your packing is consolidated into a smaller space as a result.

Rolling also helps keep your clothes relatively wrinkle-free.

Use shower caps

Use shower caps to pack sandals or shoes in. If you’re going hiking or are relaxing on a sandy beach, your footwear is bound to get dirty. Instead of tossing your shoes in with the rest of the luggage, put them in a shower cap—it will act as a protective shield. This keeps the rest of your luggage from getting dirty.

Keep tech devices together

Set aside a small bag to store your laptop, camera, and phone in. Don’t just throw your chargers and cords in it, though. Many travelers do so, only to find that their iPhone charger broke. Instead, wrap your cords so they don’t get tangled, but not too tightly.

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