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Reasons Why You Should Rent Out The New Land Rover on Your Trip to LA

It was almost seventy-two years ago, when The Rover Company launched the Land Rover series and since then, the British car manufacturer has ventured internationally, winning several awards for its attention to detail, performance, and exceptional cars.

Although, it’s now known as ‘Land Rover’, the company is still the epitome of quality and known for producing cars with powerful engines, a smooth drive, and state-of-the-art technology.

So, it shouldn’t even be a question as to why you should rent the latest Rover Defender. But we’ll give you even more reasons to fall in love with this beautiful car!

Its Modern Design

A lot of people will tell you that the new Rover is every similar to a Discovery than the original series launched in 1948. But that’s not exactly a bad thing. There’s a good reason behind this decision.

The car comes with two unibody chassis and also has a flat floor. So, when it comes to safety, its design is a lot better than its predecessors. And unlike its predecessors, its design is based on the needs of the modern consumer so it’s not a manual.

It’s Carefully-Designed and Planned

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The Land Rover Defender is no joke when it comes to its powerful engine and dual transmission. It comes equipped with a 38-degree approach angle, a 900mm wading skill, and can easily go 28 degrees break-over angle, and 40 degrees angle when it comes to the departure.

You can easily take it off road without any worries, making it the perfect car for rough terrains and roads.

Its Amazing Interior

Like we said, its design was carefully planned and its amazing interior proves just that. It has a lap-sash belt for protection because it doesn’t come with a separate airbag. It has a 5-star ANCAP crash safety rating so you don’t have to worry.

It has at least five to six seats and comes with ample luggage space. So, you can put in your luggage at the back without any issues.

Take the Rover Defender Out For A Spin!

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