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Buying Wholesale Office Supplies—The Benefits

With something as useful and necessary as office supplies, you’d think that it would make sense for admin managers to stock up on stationery by buying wholesale.

Small businesses that don’t see the need for backup office supplies usually regret their decision of buying limited stock at the end of the month when they run out of the necessary provisions!

Despite that, many argue that buying wholesale office supplies is superfluous and unnecessary, and not to mention, expensive. But is this really the case?

We asked a leading supplier of all things cardstock and office supplies, Fine Cardstock, to provide us with a clearer picture!

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What Makes Buying Wholesale Office Supplies Worth It

It’s Actually Very Low-Cost

Most bulk sellers want to make high-volume sales, and want customers to come back for more; this is why they usually offer discounts to ensure that customers have a good buying experience.

Also, with most wholesale purchases, there are no added retail service costs added to the price tag. As a result, you save on your purchase of wholesale stock and are able to build a new business relationship with a reliable vendor.

And that helps you save money in the long run!

You Get a Greater Range of Brands and Features to Choose From

When shopping at a brick and mortar store, you usually opt for the first good product you find.

But with online wholesale stores, where you have access to all the products on just one page, you’re able to compare and contrast prices, features and brands and get the best products from the bunch.

Wholesale stores give you the opportunity to read what customers like or dislike about a particular product. And since wholesale sellers buy their merchandise in bulk anyway, there’s no worry about a certain product running out.

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It Saves Time and Resources

Instead of repeatedly buying office supplies like white cardstock, memo pads and color paper, you can benefit from already stored stock that serves its purpose for weeks—or even months—on end.

This not only saves time, but also translates to work efficiency; you get to have many days of peace before the next spending spree ensues. The fact that you save on repeated transportation and shipping costs sweetens the deal too.


In short, if you do buy wholesale, do so with the assurance that you’re not only making an investment in workplace efficiency, but you’re also helping your company save money. And that’s just great news for everyone!

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