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6 Ways Bright Colored Envelopes Can Give Your Business an Edge in the Market

Bright Colored – Design and Business

For any business, design is an essential element that needs to be focused on. Details are what set apart your business from competitors and other people in the market.

Everything from the logo to the color schemes your business uses, the layouts, product designs, labels, fonts, web layouts and packaging come into play when it comes to design. People are drawn into businesses that seem unique—after all, why would they put money in your business and not a cheaper competitor’s?

Design plays a huge part in telling your business’s story, goals, plans and putting to the public snippets of information that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Your logo will typically reflect values and contain identifiers that relate to your work; your color scheme will show the vibe you’re going for whether it’s warm earthy tones, cool corporate tones or fun neon colors.

It all comes down to working with designers and creative teams to figure out what you prefer to build up. Another creative and practical way of standing out from the crowd is the use of stationery.

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Stationery and Competitive Edge

Have you noticed how large companies hand out free pens, notebooks and stationery items to people at conferences?

Apart from acting as freebies to add to random individuals’ stationery collections, these items actually serve a clever and unique purpose.

Having customized or even recognizable stationery for your business not only looks great and super professional, it ends up acting as a marketing tool.

Take for instance the use of something as simple as colored envelopes. For small businesses, it can be difficult to print hundreds of pens and notebooks in bulk. But there are ways to make-do with envelopes.

You can buy and print on them in the color of your choice or one that aligns with your business colors in bulk from Fine Cardstock, who also offer a 10% discount cardstock on the first order. These help to give your business an edge because:

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1. They look professional

2. They look aesthetic

3. They reflect an attention to detail

4. They’re memorable, acting as reminders for your business

5. They can be customized, doubling as networking tools and business cards

6. They’re practical and cost effective

It helps to have something that potential clients will remember you by and color psychology can play a huge role in choosing what color envelopes you use. Certain colors reflect certain values, such as blue for success. Yellow shows friendliness and similarly, there are other associations that you can use for your benefit.

Visit Fine Cardstock and place your order for bright colored paper or buy #10 business envelopes for your business today!

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